About Banyule

Banyule is renowned for its open spaces and plentiful parklands, especially along the Yarra and Plenty River valleys. Its a place where people can enjoy bike riding, walking, a visit to the Heide Museum for Modern Art and great local restaurants all in one day. It is a place where people can also discover the historic landscapes of the Heidelberg School of Painters and native fauna and flora.

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Where else in Melbourne, merely 7km from the CBD can you find koala's, kangaroos, 115 bird and 4 bat species all in one place. Banyule is also special because of its diversity and people. It is home to people from 143 countries, 125 of which are non-English speaking. Our community with all its different facets adds meaning to our lifes, our families and what we value about Banyule we should strive to preserve.

Koala-Banyule-Flats   eastern-grey-kangaroo-banyule-flats


Birdlife in Banyule

Did you know that Banyule is home to a very large & diverse range of bird species - one of the largest in Victoria ?

Banyule-Flats-Wildlife1   Banyule-Flats-Wildlife2   Banyule-Flats-Wildlife3


Koalas living in and around the Banyule Wetlands

One of our friends, Shirley, kindly sent us this photo of a koala spotted at the southern end of the Banyule Wetlands in Spring 2010


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