What Can I Do in 2011

There are many ways you can support the 'No Freeway through Banyule' campaign. Apart from becoming a member of Friends of Banyule and/or volunteering, one of the most important and effective things you can do is to contact your Local, State and Federal representatives and let them know you oppose the proposed freeway through Banyule. Write letters to our State and Commonwealth parliamentary representatives for the City of Banyule and to your local papers and the daily media. Participate and take action !

State Parliament representatives for Banyule City

Legislative Council representatives for Banyule City

Commonwealth Parliament representatives for Banyule City


The Age - 7 Jan 2011 | Ballieu shelves state transport plan    Along with Protectors of Public Lands, we are cautiously optimistic that represents the start of an era in improvments to public transport, the construction of new railway lines and increased use of rail for freight transport, not roads.

Please write to Premier Ted Ballieu and Transport Minister Terry Mulder welcoming the review.

Note from Friends of Banyule: The former Labor government announced during the State election campaign in 2010 that $15.4 Million was to be spent on the study for the NE link Freeway. No public transport improvements or related public transport network planning was announced for the City of Banyule. The newly elected Liberal Coalition government is still planning on proceeding with the study (as at Februray 2011).



Member for Bundoora

Mr Colin Brookes (ALP)

Colin Brooks


Electoral office: 595 Grimshaw Street, Bundoora 3083                                                                                                       

Postal address: P.O. Box 79, Bundoora, VIC 3083

Tel: 9467 5657

Email: colin.brooks@parliament.vic.gov.au

Web: www.colinbrooks.com.au                                                                                                                          

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Member for Ivanhoe

Mr Anthony Carbines (ALP)


Electorate office: Suite 14, The Mall, Heidelberg West 3081

Postal address: P.O. Box 314, Heidelberg West 3081

Tel: 9455 3017

Email: anthony.carbines@parliament.vic.gov.au

Anthony Carbines - MP seat of Ivanhoe (Lower House)


I do not support an above ground freeway through Banyule. Action is required to improve our suburbs and stop trucks using local roads. We have to make it easier for residents to get between home, work, school and leisure. The (Brumby) Government proposes a tunnel between Lower Plenty Road and the Eastern Freeway - the North East Link. A tunnel would safeguard the Banyule Flats and the Yarra River from any freeway development. We need community consultation to assess the tunnel plan. Expansion of public transport remains my priority. The Smart Bus is a welcome new service. Extra bus and train services plus the expansion of the bike path network between Banyule and the city are key projects for Banyule residents. 

Anthony Carbines
Business Hours: (03) 8644 7381


Phone Discussion with Mr. Carbines & one of Friends of Banyule's members
Mr. Carbines had rung to answer an email I had sent him some time ago. The email I had sent was critical of Mr. Carbines and his Government (Labor Party) in relation to the North East Link, Public Transport and other Banyule community-related matters.

North East Link
Mr. Carbines' position on the North East Link Freeway Project is the same as that of his predecessor, Craig Langdon, in that he does not and will not support any other form of freeway, other than a tunnel from Greensborough Highway to Bulleen Road. The funding for the freeway project, both State and Federally is not in place and is likely to take approximately 1 year. He agreed that there is no guarantee that the Federal Government will provide funding. He did not have any thoughts on what would happen if the funding from the Federal Government was not provided. He stated that if elected he intended to employ a community-consultative approach regarding the project.
Rosanna Road
Mr. Carbines agreed that the population growth which Melbourne is likely to experience in the next 10-15 years will certainly impact further on the existing traffic conditions on major roads such as Rosanna Road. He seemed uneasy on this point and when pressed, he could not provide any details for measures to fix the problem, other than stating that he thought the camber on the road at the junction of Greensborough Highway and Lower Plenty Road had led to cars running into houses (I'm sure it was a truck). One thing Mr. Carbines didn't say, was that he agreed with curfews or even banning trucks from using Rosanna Road. 
Public Transport
When asked his opinion on supporting a Light Rail System along the Eastern Freeway Mr. Carbines inferred he was not interested in projects which do not fall within his Ivanhoe Electorate. When further pressed on the matter and as means of demonstrating to his constituents that he had concern for the wider Melbourne community and would support any project which would alleviate traffic congestion, Mr. Carbines said he would prefer to push for the duplication of the Hurstbridge Rail Line as more of a priority. 
On buses Mr. Carbines agreed that a smaller more agile fleet of buses would better suit our community streets and perhaps offer better services, though he was non-committal in suggesting he would support such an initiative. He said he would giving his support for bus services as a whole to be more frequent and also to cover a wider range of drop-off options, using the Rosanna Station as an example of the current inflexible options for travellers to reach other stations, such as Heidelberg. He went on to say that he thought Viewbank was a suburb in particular which had poor services, whereas the services in West Heidelberg were of a higher standard. He did not commit to any plan for improving the bus services but did say that other suburbs around Melbourne were also fighting to get better services and his Government would have to address them all in good time and within the constraints of their yearly budgets.


Legislative Council Members for the Northern Metropolitan Region

Ms Jenny Mikakos (ALP)

Jenny Mikakos

Electorate office: 319 Spring Street, Reservoir 3073

Tel: 9462 3966

Email: jenny.mikakos@parliament.vic.gov.au

Web: www.jennymikakos.com.au                                                                                                                                   


Hon. Matthew Guy (Liberal)

Matthew Guy

Electorate office: 56 Beetham Parade, Rosanna 3084

Tel: 9457 5328

Email: MatthewGuy@parliament.vic.gov.au

Matthew Guy is also Minister for Planning in the Victorian Government                                                                                                 


Mr Nazih Elasmar (ALP)

Nazih Elasmar

Shop 5, 101 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg 3084

Tel: 9456 9244

Email: nazih.elasmar@parliament.vic.gov.au                                                                                                          


Mr Greg Barber (Greens)

Greg Barber

Suite G-01, 60 Suite G-01, 60 Leicester Street, Carlton 3053

Tel: 9348 2622

Email: greg.barber@parliament.vic.gov.au

Web: mps.vic.greens.org.au

Greg Barber is also the leader of the Greens in the Victorian Parliament                                                                      


Mr Craig Ondarchie (Liberal)

Craig Ondarchie

Elected MLC for Northern Metropolitan November 2010.                                                                                                                                                                            

Electorate Office : 464 High Street, Northcote  3070

Tel: 9482 2799

Email: craig.ondarchie@parliament.vic.gov.au

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Member for Jagajaga

Hon. Jenny Macklin (ALP)

Jenny Macklin

Electorate office: 149 Burgundy Street, Heidelberg 3084

Postal address: P.O. Box 316, Heidelberg, VIC 3084

Tel: (03) 9459 1411, (02) 6277 7560

Email: JMacklin.MP@aph.gov.au

Web: www.jennymacklin.net.au/

Jenny Macklin is also the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs                                                                     

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Council Elections

A by-election for Olympia Ward will be held in March following the resignation of Councillor Anthony Carbines from Banyule City Council on 3 December.  Read more on the VEC website ... >


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