Put one up in your front yard!

We have protest signs for purchase ($10.00).  It is our aim to have as many signs visible in our municipality as possible.  This will send a strong message to our State, Federal and Local politicians that we do not support the government's plan to put a freeway, tunnel or viaduct through Banyule, nor do we support the government spending $15.4 million on the study for the NE link freeway.

Clearly, there is much work needed to improve congestion on our roads, but a freeway is not the answer.  A freeway, tunnel or viaduct will encourage more traffic to our area at the 'interchange' points of the freeway, as well as increases in pollution that will threaten our unique flora and fauna. Massive ventillation stacks would need to be built for a tunnel that will destroy the beauty of our area.  Imagine the disruption to Banyule over the more than 10 year construction period.  Imagine the acquisition of land for Staging Areas - each one of these areas which are required to build the tunnel would be the size of 3 sports ovals!

If you are unable to purchase a sign but would still like to show your support by putting one in your front yard (or on your back fence), please contact us and we will be happy to give you a sign.

Put up a 'No Freeway' sign and help us with the campaign. Send us an email at friendsofbanyule@gmail.com to order your sign today.

No Freeway Sign available

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