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Following the Sir Rod Eddington Report and the subsequent announcement by the Victorian State Government to consider connecting the Western Ring Road with the Eastern Freeway by building a freeway/tunnel through Banyule, Friends of Banyule are petitioning local residents to register their complete opposition to such a project.

We object to any freeway/tunnel/viaduct being built through Banyule because:

Banyule Flats and the Yarra Corridor (the area to be crossed by the proposed freeway/tunnel/viaduct) is one of the last natural areas in the inner North East of Melbourne. It is utilised for relaxation and recreation by thousands of families in our community and across Melbourne, increasing health and wellbeing for all.

Banyule Flats and the Yarra Corridor are some of the most environmentally sensitive areas within the inner region of Melbourne and need to be protected for the benefits they provide the community and for future generations.

River parks such as those of the Banyule Wetlands and within the Yarra Corridor are a vital area for wildlife, rare migratory birds and protected species of flora, with large areas currently under protection by Banyule Council. We, the community of Banyule are its custodians and are responsible for its protection now and in the future. We believe that building a freeway/tunnel/viaduct through our suburb will compromise its liveability as beautiful Banyule - clean, quiet and unique - forever.

Building a freeway/tunnel/viaduct through Banyule will not solve the congestion problems we currently have. Statistics prove that a freeway/tunnel/viaduct will attract more vehicles to our roads as they become the thoroughfare for those attempting to enter or exit the freeway feeder roads.


Sign the written Petitions

Support the Petitions against the NE Link Freeway.  Download and print the following documents :

Petition to the Legislative Assembly 

Petition to the House of Representatives


Step 1 : Download and print out the Federal and State Petitions.  NB. The Petitions must not be altered in any way - otherwise they will not be able to be presented to government.  If you need extra pages, please print the page again.

Step 2 : Gather 25 signatures -  please note they must be on the paper copy of the Petition, not sent to us in electronic format

Step 3 : Post the completed Petition signature sheet to our PO Box 577, Heidelberg VIC 3084

Step 4 : The first person to collect 50 signatures will receive a Friends of Banyule campaign T-Shirt and two books about Banyule


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