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Our transport future is set to get worse as the Victorian government plans to survey a route for a $6 billion freeway between Balwyn North/ Bulleen and Greensborough through the Banyule Flats Wetlands, Warringal Parklands and Bolin Bolin Billabong, the so-called NE Link.

You can access information about the location of the freeway and relevant maps at :

Climate change is an increasingly critical issue for all of us. The recently announced expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in the outer north and west without a public transport plan threatens the liveability of all of Melbourne. We cannot afford to make Melbourne more car dependent.

Widening of the Eastern Freeway between Springvale Road and Chandler Highway looks certain if the project is not stopped.

It is totally unnecessary as a major truck route and is no substitute for high quality public transport.

Victorian government road noise standards are unclear, inadequate and inconsistent. As many of us are only too well aware a large section of the Eastern Freeway in Balwyn North has no effective noise barriers at all. This is totally inadequate.

If North East Link proceeds it is uncertain that there will be sufficient space on the Eastern Freeway reservation for a much needed future rail service between the CBD and Doncaster. There would also be a massive "spaghetti junction" at the intersection of Bulleen Road and the Eastern Freeway.

There were no improvements in local bus services in Banyule as a result of the recent Victorian bus services reviews. Local bus services should be put within reach of all residents seven days a week.  As a minimum the Hurstbridge railway line must be duplicated to increase train frequency.

Yes, there is a missing link and it is called Public Transport and the lack of government support for cycling and walking as forms of sustainable transport.

To read more about public transport issues click here to go our Public Transport section or to the Greens North Eastern Metropolitan Transport Plan

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Friends of Banyule have received further information in 2010 about the proposed North-East Link freeway via Clay Lucas, reporter with The AGE Newspaper, who obtained details of the proposal "North East Link - Infrastructure Australia : Reform and Investment Framework" and a map of the route, via Freedom of Information.  Go to our North East Link webpage for these documents


Some interesting history about Melbourne's freeway plans | from the Blog of Daniel Bowen - Oct 2010 |  Freeways Freeways Everywhere

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